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We have a number of requirements for our masters in counselor education students, including the will to work hard and help people.

Application Requirements

Completed applications for the masters in counselor education are due by the last week in March. Only completed applications are reviewed by faculty. If you apply, it is the your responsibility to check on your materials and ensure they are received by the deadline. 

There are three parts to applying to our MS in Counselor Education program:

  1. Meet the academic requirements set by the UL Lafayette Graduate School and the Counselor Education's GRE requirements. That includes completing the Grad School application and submitting your official GRE test scores.
  2. Submit the following materials directly to the counseling program:
  • A writing sample consisting of your personal statement of goals and plans for completing the degree.
  • A resume of counseling related work or volunteer experiences.

After you submit your application, you may be invited to interview with the admissions committee. Invited applicants will meet individually and in groups with a panel of interviewers. The interviewers will be faculty members from the masters in counselor education program, and occasionally community professionals. The interview session will last approximately two hours and interview questions are not shared in advance but generally address the applicant's experience, goals, and communication skills.

There are no required undergraduate majors to enroll in the masters in counselor education program. Typical majors include psychology, sociology, child and family studies, and education.

Admission Timeline

Students are admitted once per year in the fall. Applications are to be completed by the final week in March. Applicants will be notified when their completed applications are received and again when the application has been reviewed by the masters program's committee on admissions.

On average, we receive approximately two or three times as many applications as we have available space. We do not accept a specific number of candidates per year. Rather, a number of factors are considered, including number of current students graduating, faculty work load, and departmental resources.